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Make a difference.

We all have a role in our mission to reach one more person for Jesus. Be a volunteer at The Mount and make a difference. 


Kids at the Mount

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Tell a story, lead a group, rock a baby. This makes a difference in the life of a kid. There’s so much fun going on in Kid Ministry, you might think you’re a kid too!


Guest Services

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From a car turning into the parking lot until a guest gets coffee at the Cafe, the Guest Services team makes a difference for all. From security to greeters, there’s a role for you.


Worship and production

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Do you have a passion for worship? Whether you’re a musician or into the technology of production, we’re looking for passion and excellence. Out in front and behind the scenes, Worship and Tech Arts has a place for you.


Students at the Mount

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If you want to make a difference in the challenging life of students, volunteer with Student Ministry. You won’t believe the fun you’ll have along the way.


creative arts

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Are you most comfortable behind a camera or editing a graphic? The Creative Arts team wants your talents to make a difference by capturing impactful moments, telling stories in video or preparing graphics.


prep for sunday team

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Not everyone can volunteer on Sunday. Be a part of the team that makes a difference for the church during the week!