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Waiting Room

  • Todd Gaston
  • 08/11/2019
  • 56:39

How many moments do we miss in moving too quickly to the next thing? What if it’s time to slow down or even pause. Don’t miss what could be yours. Don’t Miss Your Moment.


  • Todd Gaston
  • 08/18/2019
  • 53:52

You are invited. You are included. But this is not enough if unless you respond. It’s now your responsibility. It’s up to you. Don’t Miss Your Moment.


  • Todd Gaston
  • 08/25/2019
  • 53:58

Have you ever been overwhelmed by a mistake? How long are things going to be this way? It is tempting to hold onto excuses. Don’t let the past derail your future. Don’t Miss Your Moment.


  • Todd Gaston
  • 09/01/2019
  • 55:51

Uncertain situations can feel uncertain. Unknown people can feel scary. Who can you trust? Who will be true? There is nothing worse than to see someone pretending to be someone they aren’t. It’s even worse when you discover that someone is you. Don’t Miss Your moment.

When Shared

  • Todd Gaston
  • 09/08/2019
  • 47:29

Religion can be cold and demanding. The litmus of authenticity is does it make a difference. What would it looked like if God saved religion. Don’t Miss Your moment.


Listen to Me

  • Clayton King
  • 09/15/2019
  • 41:20

Good decisions and telling the truth might land you into your biggest mess, but don’t miss the moment breaking in! Today, we welcome Clayton King back to The Mount as we continue Don’t Miss Your Moment.


Full of It

  • Andrew Segre
  • 09/22/2019
  • 41:00

At times it can be tempting to the want the benefits of a relationship without wanting to know the person. Don’t miss what matters most. Don’t Miss Your Moment.


On the Spot

  • Todd Gaston
  • 09/29/2019
  • 40:51

Sometimes the power of a moment needs another to unlock the door of opportunity. What door could unlock for someone else? Who is there to unlock your door. Moments like these change the future. Don’t Miss Your Moment.

See It Another Way

  • Todd Gaston
  • 10/06/2019
  • 49:51

Sometimes we are so right that we miss it when we go wrong. What if your needed change is in the place you already have figured out. Don’t be too stubborn to miss the obvious. Don’t be too stubborn to Miss Your Moment.

Not as it Seems

  • Todd Gaston
  • 10/13/2019
  • 49:29

What do you do when the moment doesn’t fit what you were looking for? The moment is going to push you beyond what you know or believe to be true. Don’t let fear or the unknown cause you to miss your moment.

Known by the Moment

  • Todd Gaston
  • 10/27/2019
  • 38:31

Once you experience your moment, it’s time to create moments for others. Will you be a moment maker? Pay attention to beginnings and endings. Let’s be a moment maker!