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Preventive Maintenance

  • Todd Gaston
  • 11/03/2019
  • 56:56

Knowing the vehicle is safe and road ready before your get in and drive is most helpful. During driver’s education, the first step is to walk around the vehicle to check tires, observe any visible damage, or spills or leaks from vehicle. There is nothing worse than to break down, cause a wreck, or get stranded on the side of the road. The same is true for life, work, and family. Don’t forget to check your Blind Spot.

Defensive Driving

  • Todd Gaston
  • 11/10/2019
  • 50:10

Knowing your vehicle is safe and road ready is important, but on the road it is important to pay attention to all other drivers. Is their car safe? Are they paying attention? Do they see you? While monitoring the moving traffic, don’t forget the parked cars. Life is filled with friends, family, loved ones, coworkers, classmates, teammates, and tons of people you haven’t met yet. Buckle up and drive safe, and don’t forget to check your Blind Spot.

Check your Mirrors

  • Andrew Segre
  • 11/17/2019
  • 44:43

Knowing your surroundings is key to safe driving. Always check your mirrors to know who is in beside and behind the vehicle. Keep your head on a swivel to check around you. The constant check lists for beginning drivers might seem overwhelming, but experienced drivers know these lists will become more automatic over time. Repeated patterns can calm anxiousness but can lead carelessness. Know where the real danger comes from. Don’t forget to check your Blind Spot.

Backing Up

  • Todd Gaston
  • 11/24/2019
  • 46:15

One of the most vulnerable moves in a vehicle is backing up. More accidents happen when the car is in reverse and moving in a direction where everything is not visible. Check your mirrors is important, but remember can never give you the whole picture when backing up. Think in advance, park defensively, and use a spotter. The same is true for life, work, and relationships. Look back and take time to be thankful for all the people who have poured into you. Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to check your Blind Spot.

A Heart in the Right Place

  • Brian Bennett
  • 12/01/2019
  • 43:24