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For The One

For 111 years...

Seven people stepped out beyond what they could see to start a new church in Stafford. The faith needed then is still needed today. 111 years later, The Mount continues to grow as each generation risks big for future people they will never meet.

Legacy reminds us that we are not here for us. We are here For The One.

The Mount. FXBG.

In FXBG alone over 95,000 people don’t attend church. Already we’ve met 1,000 people in their community through worship at The Mount.

Let’s meet those right where they are with the hope of Jesus.

The Mount FXBG is just God’s first step for The Mount. 

Our goal is to raise $1.1 million over the next twelve months to begin The Mount Fredericksburg.

We Give To…


 A renovated worship space that holds 360 people with the excellence of The Mount.

Make a
difference in FXBG

10% of everything received will be given to directly meet the needs of the FXBG community.

For One More

Fund the next community where God sends The Mount.

Imagine what your step of faith could do.

I/We Commit to Giving: